Fresh Vegan and Vegetarian Food
 & Handmade Veggie Chorizo

Welcome to The Veggie Deli, the home of handmade vegetarian food and vegan choices that you won't find in any supermarket.

We make handmade natural food avoiding the obscure additives and preservatives common in long shelf life shop bought prepared food.

We think you'll taste the difference.

Here's what we do:

  • we produce a handmade spicy Veggie Chorizo vegan sausage sold at Farmers' Markets and also available to UK customers only direct from us online.
  • we make a range of fresh Vegetarian and Vegan food for sale only at the best local Farmers' Markets in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.  Among our selection we also try to include some Gluten Free and Dairy Free choices.

Handmade Veggie Chorizo (Vegan Chorizo)

After developing a loyal Customer following through our Farmers' Markets, our Veggie Chorizo is available online for delivery in the UK.

Only available direct from The Veggie Deli.

Vegan and therefore cholesterol free.

Our Vegetarian and Vegan Food

We cook Veggie Suet Pies, Wholegrain Bakes, Seasonal Tarts, gluten free Veggie Burgers, veggie Scotch Eggs, Vegetable Sformatos, Vegetarian chorizo & Rosemary Polenta Slices.

We concentrate on savoury food that can either be eaten on the go for lunch, or, to form the basis of a meal at home. Ideal for anyone expecting a vegetarian or vegan visitors.

Vegetarian Choices

Here's a selection of our most popular vegetarian food:

Vegan Choices

Here's a selection of our most popular vegan food:

Farmers' Markets in Gloucestershire

the veggie deli, vegetarian food, farmers market stall, veggie farmers' market, veganThe Veggie Deli

Our vegetarian food is made by hand and varies with the seasons.

All food is cooked fresh for each week's markets and nearly all is suitable for home freezing. Ideal if we only visit your market town monthly.

We currently visit the following markets throughout Gloucestershire:

Cheltenham Farmers' Market

Stroud Farmers' Market

For our schedule of forthcoming market dates and their locations click Find Us.

Each food item purchased from one of the Farmers' Markets that we visit has its own page on this site.

Customers buying from us at a market will be able to reference their purchase to find vegetarian nutrition details, storage and heating instructions.

Find us also at the veggie deli on facebook

and at the veggie deli on twitter.

Thanks for visiting,

Paul & Julia

The Veggie Deli

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Puy Lentil Polenta with Rosemary and Walnut Ragu - Vegan and Gluten Free
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Roasted Tomato and Butter-Bean Galette - Vegan and Cholesterol Free
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What Customers Say...

"I bought some chorizo and made the butter bean stew, utterly delicious."

"We especially love the veggie chorizo, totally inspired!!!!! thank you."

"I featured your chorizo in a recipe on my blog last night - split pea and chorizo soup! It was so delicious thanks to the chorizo and I thoroughly enjoyed the leftovers for lunch today!!!"

"We absolutely love your chorizo and might have to buy in bulk as we love it so much."

"Just to let you know I think the Chorizo is delicious."