Veggie Deli Food - Limited Editions
Gourmet Vegetarian Food

As well as our regular Veggie Deli food that you can see elsewhere on the site, from time to time we come up with something a bit different that we run for a limited period.

Again, for these limited items, we try to include gluten free and dairy free/vegan choices among our vegetarian selection.

So, whilst these vegetarian options may have passed you by, it's still nice to enjoy sharing the photos.

On this page, you can see mouth watering pictures of the following vegetarian and vegan food:

  • Apple, Pecan & Sage Roast (vegan)
  • Quinoa Socca (vegan and gluten free)
  • Seasonal Tofu Roast (vegan)
  • Buckwheat Tahini Bake (vegan and gluten free)
  • Balti Balls (vegan and gluten free)
  • Cranberry & Saqe Polenta (vegan and gluten free)
  • Nut Roast (vegan)
  • Roast and Stuffing Slice (vegan)
  • Tomato & Rosemary Scone (vegan)
  • Lemon and Blueberry Cake (vegan and gluten free)
  • Raw Chocolate Cheesecake (vegan and gluten free)
  • Ultimate Brownies (vegan and gluten free)

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Apple, Pecan & Sage Roast (vegan)

vegan roast, apple pecan, sage, vegetarian roast, veggie

Quinoa Socca (vegan and gluten free)

Possibly our favourite foodie photo!

quinoa socca from the veggie deli, vegan and gluten free, vegetarian, gourmetveggie

Seasonal Tofu Roast (vegan)

and our second favourite...

seasonal tofu roast from the veggie deli, vegan, veggie foodi

Buckwheat Tahini Bake (vegan and gluten free)

buckwheat tahini bake from, vegan and gluten fre

Balti Balls (vegan and gluten free)

balti balls, vegan and gluten free, the veggie del

Cranberry and Sage Polenta (vegan and gluten free)

cranberry and sage polenta, vegan, gluten fre

Nut Roast (vegan)

nut roast, vegan from the veggie deli, hand made veggi

Roast and Stuffing Slice (vegan)

roast and stuffing slice, vega

Tomato and Rosemary Scone (vegan)

tomato and rosemary scone, vega

Lemon and Blueberry Cake (vegan and gluten free)

When we do cake, it's always a vegan cake.

lemon and blueberry cake, gluten free, vega

Raw Chocolate Cheesecake (vegan and gluten free)

raw chocolate cheesecake, vegan, gluten fre

Ultimate Brownies (vegan and gluten free)

The ultimate gluten and dairy free brownie. Made with organic chocolate chips, a luxury fruit and nut mix, cold pressed extra virgin rape seed oil from a local farm, agave syrup and gluten free flour.

Not only a tasty vegan treat, but probably the healthiest brownie around.

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What Customers Say...

"I bought some chorizo and made the butter bean stew, utterly delicious."

"We especially love the veggie chorizo, totally inspired!!!!! thank you."

"I featured your chorizo in a recipe on my blog last night - split pea and chorizo soup! It was so delicious thanks to the chorizo and I thoroughly enjoyed the leftovers for lunch today!!!"

"We absolutely love your chorizo and might have to buy in bulk as we love it so much."

"Just to let you know I think the Chorizo is delicious."